The remuneration of people

A new remuneration model is implented

Key points:
· An additional target salaty is added to the fixes salary
based on quarterly economic results.

– During the Q4 of 2021 is already implented, with 100% achievement.
with 100% achievement.

In 2021 the wage bill is increased by €203.400 (+2,54%)

2021 march review:

Participants: 117

No. of rises: 84

Reduction of the pay gap: 0,34%

2021 october review:

Participants: 271

No. of rises: 179

Reduction of the pay gap: 1,62%

4 presentations of the status and development of the company to all Basetis people.

12 monthly performance reports about the areas

331 mails to everyone from Basetis

371 posts published on the Basetis blog


We achieved the ISO 27001!

Accredits us as a company that treats information securely.

We adopt OKRs as a cross-cutting working methodology for the entire organisation.

OKRs of the company

OKRs of each area

Goals for each person


Vocdoni and Basetis join forces to offer eVoting solutions

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